Why Portugal Became Such A Desirable Holiday Destination

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Thirty years ago, most northern Europeans saw Portugal as a bit of an economic backwater. The country struggled politically and economically, and hardly anyone wanted to go. If you did travel to the Iberian peninsula, you went to Spain instead.


But now things are changing. Portugal is super trendy. And practically every mobile worker in the world seems to want to live there.


But why? How did Portugal transform itself into a desirable destination? Let’s take a look.


The Incredible Landscapes


Portugal is home to some of the most incredible landscapes in the world. Renting large villas in the Algarve lets you look out over the open ocean while going to the north of the country puts you near numerous national parks and nature reserves. The area is so wild that bears and wolves still inhabit the region (but don’t worry, there are no reported attacks).


The Perfect Climate


Then you have the climate. Unlike tropical regions which never cool down, even at night, Portugal is still temperate. That means that you get a mixture of warm days and cooler nights, plus all four seasons. For northern Europeans, that’s a nice feature. The weather is dry, but the landscapes still change as the seasons progress, helping it to feel more like a home away from home.


Some parts of Portugal get 300 days of sunshine per year. Therefore, the likelihood of your holiday being entirely rained off is practically zero. It hardly ever happens.


Delicious, Beautiful Food


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Like all southern European countries, Portugal has a rich food history and heritage. Dishes here have evolved over the centuries and the menus you find have their own feel.


Cuisine in Lisbon can be quite multicultural. But as soon as you venture out into the countryside, things change. You’ll find all sorts of classic eateries, often just people’s homes, where you can munch on traditional dishes.


What’s more, the prices are far lower than you’d pay in places like Germany and Switzerland. That’s because Portuguese wages are actually quite low. Therefore, it feels more like you’ve gone on holiday in a middle-income country.


Easy Language


Portuguese is a global language thanks to the country’s empire in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Nine countries have Portuguese as their official language, the largest and most famous of which is Brazil. That means that people from all over Latin America and the Caribbean can travel to the country without having to bring a phrasebook with them.


With that said, the Portuguese are also partial to a spot of English. Most people speak it, so even if you’re from an English-speaking country, you should be okay.

The Football


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Lastly, it would be hard to discuss Portugal as a prime holiday destination without mentioning the glory of its football. The country is home to some of the best soccer teams in the world, many of which compete on the international stage. The atmosphere inside Portuguese stadiums is like nothing else, though perhaps a little too cordial for British tastes.