five ways to make money

So Christmas is now out the way, and you are quite possibly feeling like your purse is looking a little empty this month. Just when you want to get out there and splash out on the sales. So here are some of my own tips to make a little extra money to get that new pair of boots in the shop window calling out your name.

Recycle your old phones
Got an upgrade over Christmas? Well why not get a bit of cash for your old phones. Some websites offer the service such as Envirofone and even some mobile company offer trade-ins in store if you are still wanting to upgrade.

Sell Your Items

List any items you are wanting to sell on eBay, Gumtree or local Facebook for sale groups on your lunch break and you may cash in some sales over the day whilst you're still at work!  

Smart Phone Apps 
There's pretty much an app for everything these days. There are a number of apps which you can download and earn cash or gift cards from testing them and completing surveys or short tasks. examples include Field AgentReceipt Hog and Qustodian.

Get creative
Now this is a bit of a long term money maker, or you could just do it for a little while. Make crafts to sell is a good option in this day and age. From personalised frames, decorated kitchenware or even hampers. People are always on the look out for that home-made touch for gift giving.

Hopefully these tips will get you on the way to purchasing that item of your desire, or do you have any tips you wish to add to the list?