First Time Camping? Things You Need To Know

So you’re thinking of going camping for the first time. Welcome to a whole new world that is unlike any other kind of holiday you have ever been on before.

Camping is one of those activities that is almost a rite of passage for most families. Rather than jetting off to a far-flung escape, you and the kids deign to do away with all of the modern conveniences you have come to rely on. Two hundred years ago, people would have been delighted at the idea of being able to turn on a tap and have clean, hot water pour out - but you’re going to do without such luxuries now.

That’s not to say there is anything inherently bad about camping - though, admittedly, the lack of clean hot water can be something of a shock to the system. In fact, it can be an enriching experience that you’ll never forget… though of course, there’s a few hurdles you might need to jump to do it just right.

So, as a newbie camper, what do you need to know? After all, no one should have to learn by experience if they can prevent it. Get it right first time by keeping these cardinal rules in mind.

1. Your Tent Is A Potential Source Of Frustration

It might seem charming and rustic to assemble a tent for yourself, but here’s a tip: it’s not. If you’ve never done it before, struggling with tent poles and pegs is a surefire route to wanting to swear you’re never bothering with camping ever, ever again.

Instead, make it easy for yourself and opt for an inflatable tent as shown on - guaranteeing a first time camping experience that won’t destroy your enthusiasm in one fell swoop. Rather than tent poles, these tents have inflatable structures inside that you just need to fill with air and then you’re good to go.

2. Don’t Sleep On The Floor

Sleeping on the floor might be part and parcel of camping, so much so that you might be amazed there are other alternatives.

There are always alternatives. Don’t just unroll your sleeping bag onto the ground and expect to get a good nights’ sleep; you’re going to need far more support than that to be comfortable. One of the quickest and cheapest ways of providing some extra bounce is by using foam tiles designed for kids playrooms; you’ll find some great DIY options on that will save your neck in a very literal way!

3. It Gets Dark Outside

This might sound ridiculous - after all, everyone knows it gets dark, so why mention it?

If you’ve been used to living in a city, then you’ve probably got no idea what genuine darkness is like. There’s always something lighting up the sky, be it street lamps or car headlights. When you’re out in the wild, there’s none of that - which might take some adjusting to. At the very least, make sure you learn the steps on so you can always create a campfire as a light source.


Happy camping!