Time for a get away

With my recent celebrations of finishing college followed quickly by eating my weight in chocolate before someone could tell me it was all just a dream. I did spend an evening making myself seriously sit down and think about what I was going to do, in order to fill my time whilst attempting to find the right career path.
With the knowledge that the house needs to be sorted, re decorated and just be given some TLC, I also want to use my spare time to focus on me and my hobbies (as hard as this may be) I want the chance to complete some projects that have been left sitting around for ages.

Another thing I have considered is a holiday, I am pretty sure after nearly two years of time consuming hard work I deserve a break of some sort. My last family holiday was 2008 *gasp* FIVE YEARS ago! The thing is to be able to go on holiday I need to find something cheap, not working means that money is tight so I need a quick solution to find the best package holiday deals.

Now here is the catch…  I have never once been abroad, so where would the best place to visit be. My first thoughts are I need somewhere warm, I cannot stand cold weather, and I also need somewhere with lots to do. 

So it came down to three choices:

1. Los Angeles
Home of the LA lakers the winners of 16 NBA championships, Staples Center would have to be on my places to visit and even try to get tickets to a game. LA is also said to have some of the best Urban Art in the country and for my sight-seeing days trips around the Warner Brothers, Universal and Sony Pictures studios would need to be in order.

2. Rome
There is lots of sightseeing to be done in Rome, The Colosseum and The Trevi Fountian at the top of my list as the tradition places to visit. As well as hearing amazing things about the cities amazing ice-cream and pizzerias (who doesn't love holiday food) and the architecture of The Spanish Steps would have to be seen it all their glory, as well as attempting to reach the top!

3. Hong Kong
A city that always looks busy and ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to technology but after a quick internet search it was clear to see that I could have a lot of fun there, the Ocean Park looks amazing with animals, rides and shows. The Clock Tower would have to be on my building watch and the markets look so colourful and interesting.

Image courtesy of potowizard / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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