Great Investments For Regular Staycationers!

Photo by Dominika Roseclay

Staycations are often seen as a budget friendly way to travel and have fun- but they can be fantastic trips within their own right! It doesnt have to be that you’re compromising on overseas travel, if you already live in a beautiful part of the world then why wouldnt you spend time exploring it?! Perhaps you’re not a fan of flying, or maybe you like to do a mix of home holidays and those abroad. Either way, if you often go travelling in the country that you live in then there are a few essentials that are well worth investing in. These will mean you get the best out of your time away while staying comfy and having everything you need. Here are some ideas!

A good vehicle

When it comes to staycations, having a reliable and comfortable vehicle  is essential. Depending on your preferences, length of your trips and more you could consider anything from Mercedes finance to get a new luxurious ride or something bigger like an SUV. Maybe a cool convertible is more your thing if you tend to do shorter trips when the weather is nice and don’t need as much storage space. Or you might go the opposite way and invest in a campervan so you can make a home from home wherever you go. Have a think about what best suits your needs and fits within your budget. 

Roof box

As someone that frequently goes on staycations, you could consider investing in a handy roof box for your car to expand your car's storage capacity. Maybe you need to haul things like camping gear, beach toys and extra luggage that would be a tight fit in the boot of your car. A roof box keeps everything secure and easily accessible without having to buy a bigger vehicle. 

Camping gear

Do your staycations usually involve camping? If so then investing in quality camping gear is a good use of your cash. Make sure you have a sturdy tent and cosy sleeping bags, extras like camping chairs and a table and dining equipment such as melamine cups and plates will be needed too. Don't forget the essentials like a portable stove, cooking utensils, and a reliable cooler as this will keep your food and drinks fresh. 

Beach essentials

Make sure you have the appropriate gear if going to the beach is often part of your staycation plans. In order to create a haven from the sun, buy a beach umbrella or a portable shade tent and windbreak. Sit back and unwind on a comfortable beach mat or lounge chair while a cooler will keep your snacks and drinks cold. To protect your belongings, don't forget things like waterproof bags. Beach toys for the kids will keep them occupied too. 

Hiking equipment

Do you like exploring scenic trails and the countryside as part of your staycation? Whether it’s mountain walking, hill rambling, canal strolling or frolicking through meadows, invest in a pair of comfortable and sturdy walking boots to keep your feet happy. Look for waterproof boots to tackle any weather conditions as you never know what the conditions will be like. A good backpack filled with hiking essentials like plasters, a first aid kit, water bottle and emergency snacks are good ideas too.