REVIEW: Gabble

Looking for a new game this holiday season.

Then why not add this to your wishlist, Gabble from Cheatwell is the quick-fire fun filled family game. This small portable game makes the perfect addition for the holidays if travelling or for a cosy game night.

The game itself is straightforward: pick a card and slide it into the slot. Start the timer. Describe the things on the card but you mustn’t use the words. Keep score using the pop-it style buttons on the base. When the timer runs out after a minute, count up the number of answers and give the appropriate colour counters. 

But don't worry if you are still a bit confused there are instructions in the box and a handy QR code on the front of the box that takes you to more information on the game and a video to explain.

This game is lots of fun and what I love is it helps develop language skills to accurately describe the places, people, items etc. As well as recall of general knowledge information. (see the educator in me is never far away)

It is recommended for ages 12 years+ but I feel with support you can probably adapt to introduce slightly younger children into the game.

No batteries required.  No assembly required. Just pack, go and play!

As of Nov '23 - RRP: £13

* I received this product for free in return for this review, this does not change any views or opinions.