#KidsGrowWild with Moneysupermarket

So the garden is full of rabbits, it is quite amusing, but with the sunshine coming out we wanted to make the garden more child friendly. To give the children more things to look at and play. In a recent trip to town we ended up coming home with windmills (big and small), sun catchers and sand. As well as a tray of pots, for we had been given a gardening kit from MoneySupermarket to join in with #KidsGrowWild

gardening kit

The gloves would not stay on a certain pair of hands and a cheeky monkey soon found the windmills to be more interesting, leaving me to fill the pots with soil. Once the tray of pots were filled we had the lovely task of sewing the seeds. 

#KidsGrowWild with Moneysupemarket

We were given three different packs of seeds so we did a row of each, so hopefully we shall end up with some Pansies, Sunflowers and Mixed Flowers in the weeks to come. To help us remember what row was what we used the labels provided. Of course then was the almighty task of making sure our new friends had enough water. 

#KidsGrowWild with Moneysupemarket

Now we just have to sit and wait! 

This post is an entry for Britmums' #KidsGrowWild Challenge with MoneySupermarket