How To Make Your Home More Sustainable

Photo by Kam Idris on Unsplash

Statistics show more UK consumers are embracing sustainable habits amid climate change and global warming concerns. However, you can also adopt sustainable practices during your home improvement project. Indeed, creating an eco-friendly living space reduces your house bills while boosting your overall comfort. Moreover, you’d be playing your part in saving the environment. Here are some tips you can consider for a more sustainable home.

  1. Invest in solar power

Photovoltaic installations are a great addition to an eco-friendly home. Solar panels allow you to generate and store sustainable energy for your daily uses and power outages. Investing in this energy can speed up your migration from oil and gas power grids, which are considered unsustainable. According to the Energy Saving Trust, UK households can save about 1 tonne of carbon annually using reliable renewable energy sources like solar. This is because photovoltaic installations don’t produce emissions or cause air and noise pollution. Consider working with experts when installing your solar panels to enjoy the full benefits.

  1. Upgrade your windows

Replacing your single-glazing windows with double-glazing can dramatically enhance your home’s energy efficiency. Indeed, these windows can minimise heat loss through your window frames, so feel free to consider this. Additionally, they can play a big role in reducing external noise. It’s worth noting that homeowners can also update their windows to triple glazing for better results. However, the costs for triple-glazing windows can be 20% higher than that of double-glazing. Therefore, ensure your budget can cover these expenses. While at it, ensure you install the appropriate insulation to achieve the desired outcome.

  1. Use energy-efficient home appliances and lighting

The UK currently produces a whopping 1.5 million tonnes of electrical waste annually. Therefore, it’s prudent to prioritise energy efficiency when replacing old appliances. Current market standards have made it easier for consumers to choose a range of modern appliances on a budget. Moreover, you can determine the energy efficiency of each product by examining their labels starting from A to G - the former indicates the highest efficiency. However, simple repairs and maintenance can increase your current appliances’ energy efficiency. For instance, you can work with a credible boiler service company to inspect and fix your appliance if it consumes excess energy. You should also note that traditional lamps waste up to 95% of energy. This makes it essential to purchase more sustainable options. Fortunately, investing in LED bulbs can also help you save energy while using them for longer periods.


  1. Adopt a rainwater harvesting system

Harvesting rainwater is a smart way to lessen dependence on your main water usage. Indeed, you can reduce your main’s water use by 50% if you install an effective water harvesting system. These contraptions filter collected rainwater before storing it at a conducive temperature away from light. You can wash your clothes and even clean your water closets with it. 

It’s not too late to adopt sustainable measures at home to save costs and protect the environment. Hopefully, these strategies will help you create a more eco-friendly living space.