Gift Guide: For Your Bunnies

For those that follow us on instagram will know my bunnos are the love of my life, and celebrate all the seasons. With the number of house bunnies on the rise and people generally enjoying spoiling their beloved pets, here are 5 top choices for your bunnies this Christmas.

Christmas Tree: Cosys Castles

Now I've seen a few different styles of this tree from various shops, however I am a big fan of Cosys Castles. Their bunny Christmas tree not only comes flat pack so it can be stored away and used again but its also a great enrichment toy as you can hang treats and fresh forage from the branches and inside the star cut outs!

As of Nov '23 RRP: £16.50

image credit: Cosys Castles

Dried Treats: Best Furry Friend

Not to promote unhealthy habits, but the occasion treat is ok, just like we love a treat at Christmas time. 

"With no additives, our feed is 100% natural for our furry friends. All of our products are grown and produced in the UK using Green Energy. BFF is friendly for our planet and for our pets." 

Now my trio are BIG fans of all the different flavours available, and love a cheeky treat. Especially the fruit pack as it has bananas. At only £1.99 a bag these last quite a while, plus I often see them doing various deals online.

As of Nov '23 RRP: £1.99 a bag

Stacking Cups

A rather common and simple gift loved by most rabbits is the classic stacking cups. Obviously these can be found from most stores, and with the ever growing popularity you can find them in many different colour themes to suit your set up. I have had brightly coloured rainbow ones most years, however I have treated them to a new set this year in muted tones (shhh.. don't tell them)

This 8 piece stacking cups set are perfect for hiding little treats in, and with the small holes it can entice the rabbits smell. This stimulates their curiosity and keeps them active for longer.

As of Nov '23 RRP: £8.99

Image credit: Amazon

Doll Bed: Ikea

Another classic bunny must have and if you haven't got one yet add it to the Christmas cart NOW! is the Ikea doll bed - I currently have two of these and they are very much loved by all the terrors. They use it for a good day time snooze when the bedroom is off limits, as well as they are quite handy for them to jump up onto higher places. Especially Blue in her old age. 

As of Nov '23 RRP: £22.00

Image credit: Ikea

Rattan Balls: Rosewood 

A stocking filler for the terrible trio is often Rattan Balls, we love a variety of them. However this larger Rosewood Boredom Breaker looks like a good addition this year. Rosewood is very trusted as well for not putting glue on their products which unfortunately many companies still do.

As of Nov '23 RRP: £5.84

image credit: Amazon

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