Blue's trip to Bewl Water


Bewl Water is absolutely fantastic location, with something for everyone to do. It is very popular with dog walkers. The ability to explore the 12 and ½ miles of scenic trails that surround the reservoir. 

As some will know I love taking the bunnos out and about, but trying to do it in a safe manner is always a priority. After I pulled into the car park, paid for the parking. We loaded up the pet stroller and set off on our way. Some of the paths were a bit bumpy for the stroller but it wasn't impossible. Blue loves the wind in her fur, I highly suspect she is beginning to go blind so the sensory feel is good for her.

We took a walk to the top of the reservoir, unfortunately the path at the top of dam is closed until next spring. So we did have to take a less pleasant diversion past all the building work going on but once we were at the top in the open, we set up camp for a well deserved break.

The occasional walker, cyclist, dog passed by but generally it was rather quiet.
Blue was ready for a run, even at 6 years old she still gets very excited. 
We stayed for while, enjoyed our snacks before treking back to the car. Blue enjoyed all the sights and sounds of Bewl Water and we can't wait to come back again at some point.