Gift Guide: STEM Magnet Toys

Photo by Roberto Sorin on Unsplash

I will admit this maybe one of my favourite guides - as an education provider and a fan of all things creative. There is nothing better I like than construction toys, building from the imagination, endless possibilities.

I have selected my top 5 choices that caught my eye, and would make perfect gifts for a range of ages. 

Which would be your favourite choice?

GEOMAG: Glitter *

This 60 piece Glitter GEOMAG set includes magnetic rods, balls and interlocking panels. All with a handy storage boxes, which is always a win in my books. Suitable for children 3 years + due to the small parts, but I would still be cautious watching younger children in general.

Made from 100% recycled plastic, like most of the GEOMAG range these are super durable. Which is always handy in the classroom with lots of little hands on the daily. 

I love the glitter aspect, it's something I have yet to see from other brands and this set can be integrated into other sets within the GEOMAG range.

As of Nov '23 RRP: £29.99

CONNETIX: Starter Set *

I think most people have seen some sort of variety of these magnet tiles, often a keen favourite within an educational setting. These CONNETIX 62 piece starter set would make a perfect gift for Christmas or Birthdays. Presented in a beautiful cardboard box, and providing a range of different size triangles and squares. Children can make whatever their little minds inspire them to do, or they can try and copy one of the ideas from the booklet included. I personally love these tiles as they are sturdy, and brightly coloured. 

We even had a go at making the classic little house!

Once again like most magnetic toys, these are compatible with other sets. 

CONNETIX have rainbow, pastel colours and even clear sets.

As of Nov '23 RRP: £65.00


These chunkier pieces are perfect for little hands, this 10 piece Stick-O starter set can be extended with other available sets. Suitable for ages 18 months + the pieces have grooves to help with grip. Although supervision is always recommended with any toys like this.

These would be a handy toy to put in the changing bag for trips out where your child maybe need 5 minutes of distraction, like waiting for a meal to come. The glossy pieces are easy to wash down after play, perfect for a preschool setting.

As of Nov '23 RRP: £14.99

PLAYMAGS: train set

Although some of the other brands do have sets with particular themed pieces, this PLAYMAG train set certainly caught my eye having wheels. With 4 'car' pieces and 16 gate style shapes this 20 piece set can provide hours of productive entertainment.

Create a range of cars, trains, trucks.. the magnets attract on all sides and even when flipped around.

Recommended age: 3 years +

As of Nov '23 RRP: £29.99

GEOMAG: Magicube *

Another classic from GEOMAG, Magicubes are aimed for younger children again these colourful blocks attach together to form different shapes. This set comes with 10 colourful magnetic blocks and 6 beautifully printed double sided cards for inspiration. The blocks (including 3 new shapes: the half cube, quarter circle and the half sphere) are able to connect on all sides, only opening the endless possibilities of creation.

The perfect gift for toddlers to introduce the world of STEM.  

Recommended age: 2-5 years

Made from 100% recycled plastic.

As of Nov '23 RRP: £25.00

* Some products were provided in return for a feature, this does not affect our opinions in any way.