REVIEW: HeyDoodle Into the Wild Mat

You may have seen recently our review on the HeyDoodle Mini Mats, and how much I loved the idea. Especially as a stocking filler!

Now we got a chance to see the original Mats, this reusable pack contains a A3 sized silicone mat and 9 bright pens. 6 designs to pick from children can learn the alphabet or numbers, or even flags! 

Being slightly bigger and folded, the mat is a little creased up when it comes out the packet, but thanks to its premium silicone, it soon lies flat again and ready to go. Like the mini mats, there is no lingering smell from the silicone and it's smooth to the touch. 

The Into the Wild mat looks at letter formation a-z as well as the opportunity to learn the corresponding animals that match the letters - another win in my educational mind! Always love an opportunity to promote learning skills. 

The pens work perfectly and smoothly adding colour to all the lovely illustrations. I was concerned that the pens may have led to staining as the mat is beautifully white, but as you can see below after using a simple wet wipe after 10 minutes of the pen sitting there. There are no staining marks.

This is another win for the classroom, or for friends and family with children 3+ years. Hey Doodle also have their mini mats and story books available to purchase, all with the same fantastic reusable silicone idea. Sounds perfect!

As of Dec '23 - RRP: £21.99

* I received this product for free in return for this review, this does not change any views or opinions.